Ron Powers & Associates is proud to serve, and it shows:

A word from satisfied clients:

“We’ve been business and individual clients of Ron Powers & Associates for more than 20 years and I would highly recommend their excellent care and services. We’re very grateful, as not only have Ron and Brian put themselves on the line for us in several situations, they’re always there to take care of everyday issues; any issue that’s arisen – instantly, expertly, pleasantly, and with the highest integrity. Ron and Brian and company are a rare gem in today’s world. They’re highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable about the insurance industry and they’re also loyal, down-to-earth family people that really care about helping others and it shows!”

~The Neutgens

“I would recommend Ron Powers & Associates to all my friends and relatives, and have for several years. I’ve been with them for more than 25 years and they’ve never done me wrong. I have my home, auto, camper, and boat insured and any claim ever submitted has been hassle free. This past Spring I had a fender bender that was my fault and Ron was up front and honest and advised me since the cost was less than $1000, it would be in my best interest to pay it myself than submit another claim. I appreciate that they watch out for me. You don’t stay with a company for 25 years unless they make it worth your while and the discounts are great!”

~J. Odell

“Many of my friends compare their Insurance Agents to used car salesmen. Not so for my wife and I. Ron Powers & Associates, headed by Ron and Brian, have been servicing us for over twenty years. During this period, they have assisted us by letting us know when and how to improve our coverages, saving money, making claims, and just being downright friendly. Love doing business with you and shall continue doing so. Our “five star” rating goes to you.”

~P. and J. Wagener

“The Ron Powers Agency handles our business and personal insurance needs. Their service is always prompt and timely. I have referred my friends and family to them given my trust in their providing competitive insurance quotes and great service at any time of need. I strongly recommend Ron and Brian to meet all of your insurance needs.”

~C. Savitt

“Ron and Brian Powers have solved all of our insurance needs over the past 10 years or so. They have done it with sterling professionalism and personal service. It has been a great relief to know that they are on “our team” and work diligently for our best interests. The folks that we have referred to them have echoed the very same same sentiments that we have experienced. Thank you Ron and Brian for your wonderful work and let’s give it another 10 or more years go at it.”

~V & G Gries

“Ron Powers and Associates has been our agent for 40+ years. They have done the shopping for us and recommended A+ companies for our insurance needs. They have handled our personal insurance as well as our business insurance needs. That gives us peace of mind to know whatever happens we have their team to help us through it. So I just want to say thank you! Peace of mind is sometimes hard to find and whatever happens, we know you are just a phone call away and will help us.”

~The Zimmermans

“I am just getting caught up on a few things that really matter. I simply wanted to thank you for the approximate 25 years of well-guided insurance direction and service, while also being a broad-based resource. Thank you!”

~J. Hart

“I have been fortunate to have had my insurance needs served by Ron and his agency for 45 years. Ron has handled the insurance for all of my homes and property in addition to all my vehicles since then. My wife and two adult sons have wisely followed suite and also have Ron and his agency handle their insurance needs for vehicles and property. My wife is in private practice that has also been insurance by Ron and his associates since she started. Ron excels in keeping personal contact asking how things are for myself and my family. He always wants to know how my wife and two sons are doing. Heck he even wants to know how our male and female sibling dogs are doing and if the female is still working as a certified therapy dog. We have, over the years, had auto accidents, none serious, thankfully and some fairly heavy storm damage to property. One call to Ron and he and his team handle the situation and constantly check with us that things are being taken care of by the insurance companies. He also makes sure we are ok and our claim settlements are smooth. I have never had any complaint about the insurance Ron has recommended for us, or the way he and his team have always had my family’s interest at heart. I only wish everyone I did business with was as professional and caring as Ron Powers and his team. I have referred people to Ron and without a doubt will continue to do so. Thanks again, Ron, for the years of great service and peace of mind.”

~E. Serum

“Thankfully, I have had few claims over the many years that I have chosen your agency to carry my insurance needs. When I came home from a recent trip and pulled into the garage, I got a bad feeling with water dripping from the floor above.

I left a message at your office to report a claim and the next morning things were already happening. The adjuster was here in a day or two and supplied a check to get going on the repairs. Truly, your efforts gave me peace of mind to know that someone cared. The hardest part of this claim was finding a contractor to do the work.

Thanks again for your prompt attention!”

~B. Burling

“My husband and I have enjoyed a relationship with Ron Powers and Brian Powers for more than 20 years. They have written insurance for our home, vehicles, boat, rv, and other personal property with MetLife. Ron and Brian are not people who take an application and disappear, as is often the case with insurance agents and brokers. Ron is always available for discussion of our coverages, changes and most importantly, claims. When our boat, motor, trailer and tackle boxes were stolen 15 years ago, Ron stepped in and convinced the claim adjuster to pay out the full policy limits when our attempts had been unsuccessful. Ron has been very helpful with weather-related claims for damage to our home on 3 occasions. I would recommend Ron Powers and Associates to anyone, without hesitation.”

~N. Gaull

“Wanted to extend a huge thank you for the exceptional service you have provided me over the years with both my home and auto insurance and most recently for weekend assistance insuring a new vehicle. I came to you several years ago, via a recommendation, looking for someone to provide me with policies that met my needs at the best cost possible. Through your diligence, you provided me with better coverage with lower premiums than my previous carrier. I also want to acknowledge your quick, helpful responses to impromptu questions.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the great service and personal touch you continually provide me.”

~J. Hart